Thursday, October 07, 2010

Why to vote yes on C D E

The council and its supporters say we should listen to them .   They know better. But you also have to look at their motivation and built in bias. What do these Initiatives do?  They limit city council power and perks.  So  try to apply this to your life. If  an outside source came in and threatened your income and power would you be against it? More than likely yes.  However, in this case this is the people of Murrieta attempting to take more control of those they elect. Currently the tail wags the  dog. We have no control over Council perks.  We have no control over what the City Manager or staff, which  are appointed positions, make in the form of salaries and benefits.  We also have no control over the salaries that are tied to these positions.   With all the headlines of salary and pension abuse lately it  makes sense for Murrietans to make these positions a known calculation that  all residents understand. Paying 2.5 times the average Murrieta income to the City Manager still gives a compensation that is 50% higher than the salaries of state assemblymen. Currently the attitude of this council and councils in other cities is to point to other cities to justify what they pay. Murrieta looks at Temecula and says that they pay over 100k less so they're not over paying.  Temecula looks at Moreno Valley's city manager and says  that they pay 100k less so they are also not overpaying. Moreno Valley used to pay less than Bell...  The point is they are all over paid.   Murrieta needs to guarantee three things.  First that it's management positions salaries are a known calculation and not a whim of the council. Second that council perks and benefits are limited so that those who serve are there for the people and not the perks. Third: that term limits are in place so that no incumbent gains too much of an advantage and also is not in office long enough to be corrupted. In a city with so much past corruption wouldn't it be better do something to prevent the corruption than to react to it after it has already happened? Californians already pay among the highest tax rates in the country. These Initiatives will not change this at this point. But think about it. How many more police or park space will the cost savings buy?  VOTE YES  C D E IF NOT NOW WHEN?

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