Friday, October 08, 2010

Family needs help

My Mom started a new job the day she found out my Dad had terminal cancer. Now this company she is working for might let her go because she is not able to focus on work and my father at the same time. If this happens on Monday, my parents could lose their house and to make matters worse none of my parents have health insurance at the moment. Many of you have asked if there is anything you can do to help, well now is your chance if you are truly serious. I am asking for you to help out my parents with your donation....5 dollars...10...20....every little bit helps. I don't know if this note will even work but I am giving it a shot. Please ask your family, friends...anyone. My father is dying from Stage 4 melanoma cancer. It started in his liver and spread to his spine.

My parents address is

33358 Twin Hills Way

Temecula, CA 92592



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